My Testimonials

Amanda is a great coach – taking a tough approach to your mindset and blocks and challenging you to push yourself out of your comfort zone.

I’m often a bit nervous before my sessions with her – thinking “what’s she going to make me do today?” but once we get stuck in, she really makes me think, stretch my horizons and holds me to account for my planned actions.

She’s made an amazing difference to my self esteem, mindset and plans for my business, pushing me to aim higher.

The phrase she used that’s stuck with me is “Do you want to scratch with the chickens or fly with the eagles?”

I’m now flying high, not afraid to approach those in very senior positions as potential clients, know that I’m an expert in my field and that I can make a positive difference to their staff and their business productivity, including their bottom line.

The standout feature of The Turnaround CEO is practicality. I have no doubt Amanda knows her business theory and has a wealth of experience too. However, when she works with me the complete focus is on me and my business issues and how these are going to be resolved or tackled specifically and practically. It’s personal. Everything feels tailored to what you need rather than a formula thats followed. It’s definitely not a one-size-fits-all approach.

There is nothing woolly and purely theoretical when working with the TTCEO; there are no reference to theories, just practical workouts that Amanda enables you to progress through. She gives you the direction and prodding to find your own solutions (so they’re the ones most likely to work for you!)

Working with Amanda does not have to change your life, if you don’t let it or want it to. But when someone with her experience and enthusiasm is focused on you, your business and your role, your opportunities become so much more available and reachable.

Trying to find the right words to describe Amanda is proving a little overwhelming – Innovative, refreshing, professional, intuitive, organised, highly motivated.

The world would be a much better place if we all had Amanda as a friend and business colleague in our lives.

To be honest, I cannot speak highly enough of Amanda, she has been practically life saving for me.

As a business we have been working with Amanda for the last 6 months. During this time we have looked at all areas of our business and have developed a business plan to take our business forward.

Our structure, prioritisation and our processes are all being reviewed which will no doubt have a massive impact on our business in terms of efficiencies, profits and our customer service.
Sales are on the increase with the added focus and the help and guidance by Amanda.

We have certainly found her to be more than a coach and has really helped with hands on help. Her knowledge of our business is a result of the time Amanda has spent on site with us and our staff, which has been very different to the approach taken by others.

Amanda seems to be able to get to the core of what needs to shift within a leader to help change the culture of a company from within.

After a tumultuous few years, Amanda has helped me to refocus and grow the business at a point where I wouldn’t have thought growth was possible.

Her practical tips and advice have helped give me confidence to believe in myself and the team, resulting in increased turnover, defined priorities and better all-round performance of the business.

Her flexible and tailored approach is perfectly matched to your unique business and with her, you can feel she is passionate about turning it around.

The push you gave me to start getting out to develop new business has really helped, me as well as the company. My Sales for the year have exceeded those of others. And I am enjoying more client contact again, despite my reservations.

Others has grown into their roles which is allowing me extra time for Sales. All an exciting move for the business and something I believe needs to happen for the business to grow.

I always look forward to working with Amanda, she has a super supportive and friendly manner, but will always drive you passed your limits, Its like having your very own CEO

Working with Amanda is challenging and scary, but she drives you to results.

It is said that you should always be working out of your comfort zone, and Amanda will push you there and challenge you all the way.

So if you’re lost in your business and need a good shove, then Amanda, backed by years of experience, can help you achieve your goals, both professionally and personally.

Be prepared to work!

I have found Amanda to be so valuable as a coach, in that she immediately understood what my challenges were and was able to help me begin to navigate through them from session 1.

She has continued to provide me with real insight into my business, and where I am at personally, therefore helping guide me to make decisions about how to take my business forward. And at the same time aligning my professional and personal goals. She also worked very well with my team, who have found her relatable and her coaching sessions have transformed their thinking too.

Amanda has helped me to understand and see my value and then to take myself out of my comfort zone and talk about it more openly.

She has an eclectic style where she challenges and nurtures simultaneously, this allows me to feel supported as I make my changes.

She is quick minded expects action and results, again this has a challenging and nurturing feel, its great to see the progress I’m making