Why do you do what you do?

To many business owners and leaders, I ask the question; Why do you do what you do?

Many reply to create a lifestyle and to do something they love and help to create a better life for their family and themselves.

When I dig deeper (as I often do!) we find that the work pressures and time devoted to the business are producing neither.

As a leader we can become so entrenched in what we do we allow our business to take over our minds, lives and our actions. (I know I did)

Often, we do this without realising that we have become a prisoner to our own business. We give it our all and sometimes have very little left, to enjoy the output of what we do.

Your team are often an amazing asset, but so many leaders do not ‘let go’ enough and get caught on the hamster wheel that only ‘YOU’ as leaders can take the world on and all of the challenges. In reality (and this may hurt) someone in your team could have helped or even done a better job!

As business owners we get so involved in our business we cannot see the obvious or even have that time to think about the obvious, or even time to delegate.

So, let’s go back to my original question – Why do you do what you do?

Are you achieving the very thing you set out to do?

My job as the Turnaround CEO is to build up awareness, once you are aware we can start to take action and to make change happen.

It is my belief. Every business owner should be thinking of succession, a legacy or an exit plan. After all many owners reply they build a business to create themselves a better life. We should work to live and not live to work.

If you feel more direction is needed in your business to help create the life as a business owner you deserve, join me on my next breakfast seminar.