Self Love

For starters most of us allow work and our business to take over and our self love and identity disappears. We become workaholics, give ourselves completely to our business and forget the real reason why most of us set up a business in the first place and that is to have a life we love and want.

At the beginning for me,  the theme of ‘SELF LOVE’ felt really uncomfortable. I thought “How wrong is that?”  “How self-centred” and even the thought “who do I think I am!” went through my head. Then I began to understand the concept of SELF LOVE and got to really understand what it meant. I realised none of the above beliefs apply. To have SELF LOVE is an absolute must for everyone (including myself).

As a business owner and a consultant if I can’t be proud of who I am, what I have achieved or what I can do, How can I start to change the mind and help and encourage others?

SELF LOVE is so deep. It is who you are as an individual. Identifying with the very thing that makes you tick. The beauty of your mind, the way you live. Your whole identity.

In reality for many business owners our work becomes the very thing that holds us back and makes us forget about SELF LOVE. It can starve us of our time, our value and at times even our self-worth. The symptoms of ‘over work’ often comes from our own beliefs we are not enough or we are not doing enough.

Reality is so different!

We rarely take that objective view of ourselves to say “I am enough!” the critic within often takes over and we feel we should be doing so much more or be so much more.

So how can we start to apply SELF LOVE and allow it to benefit us?

Ask the question – What is taking place in your life right now and how is it affecting your thoughts, your actions and potentially your business?

  • Thoughts create feelings
  • Feelings create action
  • Action creates results

My biggest challenge within all of this is to start breaking some of my own belief rules. Breaking some of your behaviour rules and thoughts is one of the most difficult tasks to do as we become creatures of habit and like to remain in our comfort zone.

Tackling this head on is where some of the biggest breakthroughs in development and progress takes place. My next question…..How many of you are prepared to make that change and ask for help to make it happen?. For many of us we think and ponder about change, but very few take the steps to take action.

If reading this something triggers you on the theme of self love and Change get in touch I would love to hear your thoughts or indeed help.