Feed your brain.

“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow” – Anthony J. D’Angelo

For the last two months I have been attending a Leadership for Growth programme, run by The Castle Business School/De Montfort University. Whilst there, it just reminded me how much I love to learn and how just firing up those cogs in the brain just invigorates you and sets your mind alight with ideas….

The programme covered so many areas
·       Brexit
·       Creativity for Business leaders
·       Leadership and Management
·       Succession planning
·       UK Productivity – A leap forward

Sometimes it is so easy to forget the importance of learning, we become set in our habits and ways of looking at our business, or we are so involved ‘in’ business, we forget the very fact, that as a leader, we need to invest in ourselves to not only help ourselves but also those around us and our business to grow.

What I found so amazing from the course, was not only the content, but also the importance of tapping into the mindsets of those around you. When we start to engage with others not only do we engage our brain and start the ideas bouncing around in our minds, we also create the opportunity to explore and create. IDEA is an amazing concept to take on board. (Professor David Rae)


Following IDEA helps your confidence and your inner capabilities start to develop along with your energy and self-belief. IDEA helps you to look outwards to find new and exciting strategies to find new business opportunities and problem-solving techniques.

There is a beautiful saying “Entrepreneurs Think Creatively” To do this we need the space to think and the environment to learn and create.

Best ideas create methodology to take action and create results…My advice to you is to feed that funnel of creativity and be open to learn. Think about future opportunities and expand the talent that you have. After reading this blog, my next action for you is to create that bit of space to find that book to read, podcast to watch or attend an event and start learning again….