Disrupt and Innovate

I recently attended a conference at Scotland ‘Comms Vision’ at the beautiful hotel Glen Eagles. A common theme of the conference was ‘Disrupt and Innovate’. Many of us fear or do not want to disrupt our pattern of behaviour, because familiarity feels comfortable. Often within us we have an inbuilt fear of failure or a tendency to stay in our comfort zone as that feel safe.

Many of the speakers shared a common view if you are not prepared to change the status quo and take time to study what lies around the corner, as a leader and business owner we may limit our chances to succeed and potentially create our business to become stale and less agile.

Frank Dick OBE quoted “You never arrive, so its about being comfortable, being uncomfortable” How poignant, in our business the wheels have to keep turning and we as leaders have to keep growing.

Whilst there I began thinking how a technology conference was related to succession planning, but it did not take long for our speakers to say the very same and the link was easy to see.

Leadership is having the ability to change your thinking ‘innovate and disrupt’. To stay ahead of our competition and to keep up with demand, technology, business transformation, our economy we need to be adaptable and look for new initiatives and a style of leadership.

To stay ahead we need loyal, creative talent and the way to attract this talent it to think differently and adapt.  The theme of our conference was Digital Britain. 5G is perceived to be a platform of great change and will change the face of our work force and current work practices, we are about to see so much innovation this in itself will create its own disruption in our work place.

We need to become familiar with the term ‘disruption’ in our own leadership style so we can optimise our Dreams, Decide on our future and Design a plan to Deliver it. (The 5 D’s)

The five D’s – Disruption, Dream, Decide, Design, Deliver

Not all of us can manage risk easily or even feel comfortable with Disruption. However, what did become clear we are in a changing landscape where it is increasingly required to think differently, not only in terms of leadership but how we can motivate and drive the team to help deliver the future direction of the business.

If any of this sounds familiar, excites you or fills you with fear, do get in contact. I welcome a discussion on succession or even to discuss and deliberate where the 5 D’s fit into your style of management and business.