Being Visible

A good friend of mine and an amazing business lady, Serena Humphrey from The F Word, wrote a fascinating blog about being seen.  “Does the fear of rejection hold your marketing back?”

I read it several times and I wondered why actually being seen and being visible is so difficult for some? It took me, over 10 months to publicly start talking about my new business, The Turnaround CEO and to ‘put it out there’ on social media. For some reason there was something that just stopped me making myself visible. Yet, for the businesses I work with, I so promote them being out there and so proud when they do!


Then it struck me. As a leader, you sometimes must make unpopular decisions or even make the stand on values to set the direction for your business. Sometimes the outcomes of these decisions make you exceptionally unpopular. Change for many is difficult and sometimes you want change for others more than they want it for themselves.

At times, you may even become the centre point of people’s anger or resentment. Blame for some is easy to direct at someone else rather than themselves, and yes, you got it, as the leader you are the easiest target!!! You tend to be the vehicle for change, so attention is drawn towards you.

In a business and in personal life change is daunting and unsettling and yes, it is difficult to make sure it happens, especially when you are potentially surrounded by staunch traditionalists or even potentially negative influencers who fear change themselves.

It is not surprising then at times as a leader you become bruised and battered and sometimes vulnerable to put yourself out there due to the negativity we sometimes receive.

However, a good leader is one who knows they are not always going to be popular. A leader is someone who can pick themselves up and battle through the obstacles they meet through their life.

A recent life event taught me, that what people say and think is not about you, but more often an insight into them and how they are thinking and acting. However, let’s not forget, even the best leaders can sometimes waive and feel vulnerable, but the best thing any leader can do is to stand up and shine and be visible.

Learn to shout out about your qualities and your strengths and learn how to become confident with the fabulous individual and leader that you are. Even when sometime those around attempt to dull your light.