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Everyone when starting business or taking over a business is always filled with the dreams of freedom, wealth and the pure joy of being your own boss.

In charge of everything and having the freedom of what choices to make. To start with excitement, adrenaline and sheer enjoyment launch you, full on, into the activities you love doing.

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I recently spoke at an event at ‘Woman Who achieve’ at the Belmont Hotel, alongside two other amazing ladies.

It always fascinates me, the stories that you hear regarding career and life journeys . At the time you always think that your story is not of interest or indeed you do not measure up to others.

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Does the fear of rejection hold your marketing back?

I read it several times and I wondered why actually being seen and being visible is so difficult for some? It took me, over 10 months to publicly start talking about my new business, The Turnaround...

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To many business owners and leaders, I ask the question; Why do you do what you do?

Many reply to create a lifestyle and to do something they love and help to create a better life for their family and themselves. When I dig deeper (as I often do!) we find that the work pressures...

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‘Comms Vision’ at the beautiful hotel Glen Eagles. A common theme of the conference was ‘Disrupt and Innovate’.

Many of us fear or do not want to disrupt our pattern of behaviour, because familiarity feels comfortable. Often within us we have an inbuilt fear of failure or a tendency to stay in our comfort zone.

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How many of us say “if only I knew what I know now, my life would have been different…?.”

The last few years for me and in particular 2018 has been one of those years. So much has opened up on business and my life personally, it has certainly affected my priorities, focus and my direction.

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