When is enough, enough?

Everyone when starting business or taking over a business is always filled with the dreams of freedom, wealth and the pure joy of being your own boss. In charge of everything and having the freedom of what choices to make.

To start with excitement, adrenaline and sheer enjoyment launch you, full on, into the activities you love doing and we all know enjoyment, energy and joy are the right ingredients to make any business a success – Right??!

But what happens when business starts taking over our lives? And indeed, the very thing we felt it would give us, our freedom?


How many of us ‘business owners’ have allowed our business to become our lives? We start out, become successful and we grow. Because we grow in some cases we start doing more, employing more staff and gaining more responsibility. Business then at times becomes a MUST. We have responsibility to our staff, our overheads, and our clients. Business then can become a reactive ‘thing’ and at times, we then get caught up into doing the DO. 

The DO then becomes based on necessity and urgency and we lose touch with the WHY and the WHO, we wanted to be. 

How many of us then become so lost we find ourselves drowning in work overload? We then can start resenting the very thing we set up to give us JOY, FREEDOM & WEALTH. We become so saturated in the day, business then can become a very lonely place. Staff need you. You need to motivate your staff. Clients need you, because you are the only one to truly understand and give the best service. (Just remind me here why we employ staff!) 

One quick question. Who is keeping you afloat here? Who as a business owner do you to talk to? Who on site helps you with strategy, structure, planning, prioritisation and who gives you that so needed bolt of energy and enthusiasm?

When we set off on business, it is amazing how many of us do so without knowing how to run a business. We work from our excitement, passion hopes and dreams. What is so important is that, we as business owners never lose sight of our dreams and the love of WHY we did something in the first place.


For me, it is so important to not lose sight of yourself. Being successful and driven means knowing your strengths and being strong means knowing when to reach out for help.

So many of us fall into the trap thinking, it is my business and I am the business owner and as such you should know and be everything. We at times even beat ourselves up so hard and unfairly when we carry these believes. We juggle, run at the same time and get so angry when we drop a ball or two. 

For anyone running a business, what is real strength is letting go, delegating and realising it is perfectly acceptable to do so and asking for help.

Acknowledging you are strongest when you ask for help is one of the most valuable traits a person can show. It gives you strength, direction, vision and the time to make you even more amazing!

When the student is ready the teacher will appear. When and at what point is enough, enough and you reach out for help?

Amanda Daly