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For 6 years I was MD of a successful telecoms and IT company. Prior to this, I was a Sales Director. My commercial background is predominately in sales and over the last 25 years, I have built a solid background in the commercial world of business.

The drive to set up Amanda Daly – The Turnaround CEO came 3 years ago when I found I was getting such little enjoyment from the business I had devoted myself to for so many years of my life. The thrill of running the business I owned had gone.

Some people would consider my life the dream, running a successful business, financially stable and having the ability to do the majority of what I wanted materially. However, there was a massive part of me that was feeling empty. I was left feeling unfulfilled at work and in many other areas of my life. I had lost my drive, enthusiasm and my sense of identity and I was often left thinking that there must be more to life than this. So, I did the bold thing and made the decision to implement big life changes and follow my dream, taking a big leap of faith by changing my direction.

This was when I started the TTCEO. I always loved business and I enjoy working with people. I knew I had a lot of business skills, having gone through recessions, change of technology and products, to changes in business structures, cultural challenges as well as personal relationship challenges.

I knew I had a lot of help to give and support to offer, which went above and beyond many other coaches and consultants.

We only have one life and I am now back doing what I enjoy, business strategy, sales, coaching and helping leaders maximise their potential and lifestyle.

Some of the accreditations I have earned amanda daly accreditations
My Experience
  • Business development, business strategy and life coaching.

  • 6 years of managing and directing a successful telecoms and I.T company.

  • Challenged and overcame obstructions in business and life.

  • 25 year history in commercial sales and business.

  • 3 years of business turnaround consulting.

  • Business growth and success.